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You may be here today because you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, experiencing difficulty in relationships, or generally feeling stuck in your day to day life. Are you looking for a way to explore thoughts and feelings and that may help to bring about some change in your life? I offer a professional, confidential and a friendly approach to counselling, working in an open-ended way to find the right pace for you, to help alleviate difficult feelings that may be affecting you.

Whilst friends and family may be able to help us with decision making, sometimes working with a professional can give an unbiased approach to help you decided what is right for you. Counselling can assist to work through relationships difficulties, work issues, stress, anxiety and depression, as well as bereavement or the effects of a trauma on our lives.

I have trained in Psychodynamic Counselling, Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Somatic Skills for Trauma. This means that I am able to explore how past events may have impacted you in life, both emotionally and physically. I have also undertaken additional training and have experience of supporting those with or awaiting diagnosis of ADHD and ASD. This means I am able to access a variety of techniques and resources so that we can tailor the approach to your needs. We can find a place of safety in the body to help you feel safe to explore any difficult or traumatic events.

After an initial phone conversation, we can arrange an initial assessment session where  you can see how it is to work with me, and for me to establish if I am the best person to help with your needs.


Assessment session  (one hour) at a cost of £50

Ongoing weekly sessions (50 minutes) at a cost of £50  

I have some capacity to offer fortnightly or a lower cost session by arrangement.

Please see my contact page for self referral form

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