** Due to current government guidelines I am only offering online or telephone sessions as at 15/12/2021**

You may be here today because you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression or generally feeling stuck in your day to day life. You may be going through a difficult time in life and be looking for impartial support to explore what may be the best way forward for you. Through counselling and talking therapy I can help to support you through challenging times and feelings that are troubling you, work with you in a safe and secure environment to find ways to move life on to a more comfortable place.

​I am an experienced and qualified counsellor, registered member of the BACP and working to their ethical code. I offer face to face sessions in accessible therapy rooms in central Bedford, and online video or telephone sessions. My work is grounded in the psychodynamic approach, exploring together your early experiences and relationships, and how these may impact on relationships, feelings and behaviour in the present. 

I have experience working with clients with high anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bereavement and loss and violence, abuse and traumatic events.  Through counselling I can help you to understand and reprocess these experiences, and explore with you different ways to approach things in the here and now. I have experience  of working to work with clients who have a diagnosis of ASD.



I understand how considering counselling can seem daunting. Please take some time to look through the pages here as it is important that you feel comfortable  and safe with the counsellor that you choose. 

What happens in counselling?


Counselling takes place in a 50 minute session at an agreed regular time each week, either via an online video platform, in a room face to face or by telephone.


In a confidential space, we talk through the issues that have brought you to counselling and reflect on how your early relationships may impact you in how your relate and behave today.  I work with you and help you so that you feel safe to explore the issues that you bring to counselling.

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What is the Psychodynamic approach?

My work is grounded in a psychodynamic approach which aims to help clients to develop their self-awareness through exploration of what is happening at an unconscious level. This approach is rooted in psychoanalysis, but focuses on immediate problems to try to provide a faster solution. We look at the importance of the unconscious and past experience in the formation of current behaviour.


My job as a therapist is to build a trusting relationship with you so you feel able to talk about your childhood relationships with your parents and other significant people. Through use of techniques such as free association, interpretation and through our relationship, we can explore together where feelings you experienced in previous significant relationships can be experienced and explored through your relationship with me.